Sam Jacobsen is an acclaimed writer, penning award-winning scripts for the three S's... stage, screen and school assemblies (his Year 5 masterpiece about the Vikings at St Mark's Primary School got nominated for a BAFTA). Now he's here in Brighton to share some amazing new script ideas!

Highlights may or may not include:

'Harvest Festival The Movie' - a blockbuster film about two maverick dinner ladies working within a corrupt school system who team up to solve the mystery of some stolen tins of Sainsbury's spaghetti hoops

'Troll Under a Bridge' -a reality series in which former England and Chelsea left-back, Wayne Bridge, lies on the top deck of a bunk bed, while underneath him, a nerd with a laptop writes horrible things about him on the internet

'Deliveroo Man'- a superhero show about a caped-crusader who is half-man, half takeaway!


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