Rosie James and Steph Cassin are alive. They can, at least, be pretty sure of that.

Steph has a nervous disposition that she suspects is rooted in her extreme Irishness. Rosie has a lifelong identity crisis that she suspects might stem from... well, let’s try and figure that out shall we?!

Steph draws on her rural Irish upbringing for comedic inspiration. Expect jokes about family, Catholicism, agriculture and nuns, with an acerbic, absorbing delivery. She was once described as a character comedian "straight from Father Ted’s Craggy Island" despite very much being herself on stage...

Rosie’s sunny disposition is somewhat undermined by her sense of existential dread. Offbeat observations with simmering emotional undercurrents, smart punchlines and the odd poem or ditty. Topics may include: being her own terrible boss, wanting kids (or not?), hormone hell, Disney characters (sexy or otherwise).

A split hour of fresh stand-up comedy from two rising acts on the Brighton circuit.


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