Comedians Robin Hodges and Dom Kerridge make their full length Brighton Fringe debut with 'The Bigger Boys', a split stand-up show/therapy session where two men work through their midlife crises live on stage...

When struggling to write a description for the event, we decided to feed an AI all of the Brighton Fringe listings from 2022, and this is what we got:

Robin Hodges is a human being. Dom Kerridge is also a human being. Sit and watch them make noises out of their face holes for around an hour. You shall also be invited to make different noises from your face holes, perhaps, what you call 'laughing'. This is not a binding contract. We are not your real mums.

Dom Kerridge did not sign-off on this description, describing it as "unappealingly wacky promotional verbiage".

Robin Hodges says "good seller, great communication, would buy from again A+++++".


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