Live, laugh, learn - welcome to the Ted Talks that would hit the cutting room floor. At Southampton University, we have been looking for ways to engage with the public on a new level. From Dr, BSc and PhD to Haha, LoL and RoFL. We’ve taken these ex teachers pets and released their inner class clown, bringing new subjects to new audiences by creating research-inspired stand up with guidance from experienced comedians!

Every super villain has an origin story, but what about the rest of us scientists who couldn't get the funding for an underground lab? We’re changing the world, making an impact, exploding the status quo... but in a good way. That is if we can get our lab coats on the right way round.

Join us in our underground laboratory / comedy venue for an hour of science-themed stand-up, stories, and silliness from some of Southampton University’s funniest and nerdiest people. Hosted by Professor of Web Science and professional funny guy Leslie Carr!


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