Award Winning Comedian, Raul Kohli considers himself: "Inglish": Indian-English. He has lived in every corner of this glorious nation, & is fascinated by the diversity within England: from Afro-Carribeans from Bristol with Hagrid's accent to white kids from Bradford with Indian accents stronger than his dad's. In this hour, Raul will analyse what it means to be English?
With anecdotes from his attempts to ingratiate himself with English culture (namely through football, and alcohol and drug abuse), & analysis on the current cultural & political landscape, Raul will ask what the future means for England & whether the sun has truly set on the British Empire.

He is also better at stand up than he is at writing blurbs.

"Funny, Moving, Powerful" - Mike Reiss (Writer/Producer - The Simpsons)
"Inspiringly Intelligent" - Paul Sinha (The Chase)
"Superb Political Comedy & Commentary" - (The Scotsman)
"The Worst Comedy I have Ever Seen" - (EdfringeReview)
"Poisonous" - (Nigel Farage)
As Heard on BBC Sounds Comic Sanskrit


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