Come and learn about the communities that make Brighton & Hove what it is at our free community library supported by Queenspark Books. Find us in Caravanserai's Under the Archway!

For over 50 years QueenSpark Books has been telling the stories of the people of Brighton & Hove. Our archive of over 110 books documents the changing face of the city from the early-20th Century to the present day - from the 'Poor Dispensary' and slum housing, through two World Wars, and up to the creative development and cultural diversity that, for many, defines the city. The stories - of protest, pubs, hardship, LGBTQIA rights, cinema-going and clubbing, Black history, strikes, migration, and having a cup of tea – are of the people and places that go to make Brighton & Hove what it is today. You can view the text of all of the out-of-print books from before 2010 free on the QueenSpark archive, and buy all of the post-2010 publications on the QueenSpark website.


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