We’ve all felt it! The pounding beat, the thrill of guitars, the legendary lives we can only wonder at: rock music, in its power and promise, has been a myth for our times since it first blazed its trail across the sky. So come hear professional storyteller Jon Mason recast rock legends as the timeless myths they are! Elvis, the Sun King; Patti the Warrior Poet; Tina who Went to Hell and Back; Kurt, Jimi and all those who flew too high too fast... and always the hordes of young questers, setting out in their wake for adventure .

Combining soaring spoken-word storytelling with a full live rock band, Promised Land reimagines the lives of your favourite rock icons as figures from world mythology and folktale. Meet famous names in less familiar faces, share in little-known legends of fable and rock history, marvel at the myths that bridge the ages and ask what the music really means to us now...

Featuring members of Robb Johnson & The Irregulars and Shaw's Trailer Park, and the timeless tales of gods, monsters, heroes and outlaws, this is a celebration in words and music of the mythic meaning at the heart of rock’n’roll. A must for anyone who ever had posters on their walls, played guitar in the mirror, thrilled to the noise and dreamed of freedom!

Doors 7pm for 7:30 start

Shortlisted for the Get A Word In Edgeways Step Up Commission 2023. Praise for past shows:

"Certainly deserves an Oscar... This is wildly ambitious exuberant storytelling" - Brighton Source
"You really brought those stories to life... I want to go and visit those places now!" - Guesthouse Storytellers


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