Dragons Den meets Whose Line is it Anyway! We ask three stand-ups to give presentations on companies that we've made up that make products that don't exist. The twist? You'll make their presentations using our exclusive web app during the show!

Three comedians play the role of a budding entrepreneur. Your job is to help them build the presentations that can sell the unsellable, scale the unscalable, and make something “Ai-powered” just because it sounds cool.

Whether you’re an NFT n00b, or are raising a Series B while still in ‘stealth mode', find out whether your million-dollar idea can withstand being pitched by our top comedians in front of a room of other visionaries, makers, doers, dreamers, builders, and any other noun that is painted on a WeWork’s wall.

From the creators of the wildly successful cult hit interactive panel show Not My Audience, pitch night is great for start-up nerds, comedy fans, and anybody who wants to be part of a unique fringe experience!


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