Persephone, an Essex girl from a concrete town, has to navigate her journey into womanhood with great difficulty. Her mother is distant and unreliable, her unstable emotions ruling the family home. The girls at school are hard and mean and set out to make Persephone miserable. Her body is changing, growing more wild and unruly, the hair on her body unable to be tamed. And a burning sense of desire hums through her in a way she doesn’t fully understand.
When the figure from her dreams materialises and asks her to join them in the Underworld, she takes the opportunity to escape her life above. But whilst her sexuality blossoms and she learns to harness her powers, her mother’s grief shatters everything around her and Persephone must find forgiveness to rebuild a burning bridge. Persephone must be strong enough to embrace her mother’s pain, a woman’s pain, and reconfigure a life the world above tried to crush into something small and uncomplaining.


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