Come and be surprised, disturbed, and intrigued by an untold story from the history of science and psychology. Through a series of miniature three-dimensional scale models, supported by images, text and audio, we bring pioneering experimentalist and psychologist Ivan Pavlov's experiments with dogs to life.

In a darkly playful twist on the irresistible appeal of model railways, villages and towns, we recreate key events and scenes from Pavlov’s sprawling St. Petersburg laboratory complex in late 19th and early 20th century Russia.

Tapping into our enduring fascination for miniature worlds, the models reveal all in astonishing detail: parkland, architecture, interior design, technology, experimental procedures, dogs, co-workers and visitors. Highlights include the sinister goings on in the Tower of Silence, an antivivisection protest threatening to get out of hand, the medicinal uses of a dog’s gastric juice, and Pavlov: Action Hero (with accessories of course). Something for everyone!

The event is an exhibition and will be open from 11-5:30 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Group visits possible Monday-Wednesday on request.

You do not need a ticket.


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