“Increasingly I view the tropes that constitute the male ego, don’t represent me... ”

Cabaret pop songs and musings exploring gender-fluidity as an 80s child comes of age in discovering their true identity.

The songs presented here document a personal journey through gender, difference, popular culture and how one wishes to present to the world. Written contemporaneously, from a middle-aged perspective, the songs inevitably unlock memories of a childhood that only with hindsight point to the person one might become.

A diary through music piecing together one’s individual gender jigsaw and finding, somewhat surprisingly, that the pieces fit together after all.

Witty, playful and poignant lyrics set to 80s electro-pop-inspired music. All original material.

As a certain pop star once said, "It’s confusing these days... ”, though to this protagonist at least, perhaps now slightly less so.



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