OLD BONES, by Jen McGregor, is the debut production of Third Pier Theatre. Originally playing to sold out crowds at the Prague Fringe and Buxton Fringe, OLD BONES has continued to tour the UK entertaining audiences of all ages, performing in Fringe theatres, drama schools, and live venues.

OLD BONES tells the story of James Napier; a gambler, drinker, adventurer, and lothario who, sick of living in the shadow of his adored and revered brother, calls upon infernal forces to do what no man has done before.

And 400 years later, he's still paying the price...

A story of love, loss, revenge, and forgiveness. This interactive one-man show has received glowing praise from critics and audiences alike.

"Daniel Hird gives an excellent performance as lothario-turned-wanderer. His oscillation between genuine anguish and flirtatious charm maintains a good narrative pace as Napier is buffeted across oceans and centuries, haunted by a secret too terrible to divulge." (THE SKINNY)

"Fascinating, excellently paced, and brilliantly performed... he fully embodies the roguish, dangerous charm and anguish of the character with finesse." (THE WEE REVIEW)


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