Cirk Pozor: OBLIGATION - a nonverbal fantasy

Inspired by 'The Madwoman of Chaillot', the visionary drama of Jean Giraudoux, OBLIGATION pits one lone woman against mass evil.
Our heroine is the embodiment of innocence: fragile, child-like, pure. She battles a wicked force that is relentless without using a single spoken word.
Movement is her language and her weapon. Her struggle crescendos as she attempts to stop the darkness that haunts the happy, vibrant world of her own creation. It is a conflict that is transferred from the external plane to the internal - human life. OBLIGATION is a non-verbal fantasy, which mixes clown, dance, movement, and object manipulation in a new circus style.
It is an allegory of a real conflict that challenges all human life.

“You see how easy it was. All you needed was one sensible woman for the world’s madness to break its fangs on.” from 'The Madwoman of Chaillot'

Created: Lee Delong and Nikolina Majdak, Directed: Lee Delong, Performer: Nikolina Majdak
Music: Lucija Stanojevic, Man in Suit: Mario Milicic, Lighting: Andrija Santro
Production by: Cirk Pozor

Part of the International Clown and Mask Festival: With the support of the Diplomatic Representation of the Government of Flanders (Embassy of Belgium) in the UK.


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