In a Nutshell, Nutshells is a delectable mix of beat poetry, theatre and song.
An elaborate concoction of hallucinations and delusions, a fantasy world to escape inner turmoil or a brief spell in rehab for a poor lost soul: Hazel ventures over the rainbow to soothe her existential crisis and find out what is missing in her opportunity-rich yet bewildering life. Why does she never seem to fit into any neat nutshell? Why does she feel suffocated by each one? Hazel explores the spectrum of mental health and the human condition in this chaotic, supposedly sophisticated world, where the individual has become so detached from the tribal structure of our ancestors and the pressure is on to be successful and happy. This is not just Dorothy -I mean HAZEL's story: she is joined by the voices of an array of people from diverse backgrounds sharing their experiences and thoughts on their own journeys and our common humanity. It is both a heart-warming and heart-breaking tale of Hazel's journey from crisis point towards self-acceptance and mental well-being.


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