A young, ambitious cinema employee, a peculiar professor, and a world class chess champion.

My Esteemed Friend is a surreal autobiographical solo show that blurs the lines between fact and fiction. Based on the true story of the world’s most unlikely stalker, the show explores aspiration, family ties, and living with our mistakes.

The new show from critically acclaimed Third Pier Theatre.

Reviews for our previous production OLD BONES:

"Daniel Hird gives an excellent performance as lothario-turned-wanderer. His oscillation between genuine anguish and flirtatious charm maintains a good narrative pace as Napier is buffeted across oceans and centuries, haunted by a secret too terrible to divulge." (THE SKINNY)

"Fascinating, excellently paced, and brilliantly performed... he fully embodies the roguish, dangerous charm and anguish of the character with finesse." (THE WEE REVIEW)


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