MOJO is a split bill of stand-up comedy featuring Mohaimen and Jomi Cruz.
Together they take you through the minds of two twenty somethings living in London. On the outside it seems these two have nothing in common. They grew up in different countries, situations and religions. Jomi is a sommelier level wine drinker while Mohaimen is a certified pot head. However you will learn that they both have CRAZY families, have made horrible decisions but relate where it matters most.

Mohaimen is a Canadian-Bangladeshi comic who tells stories about his life. He’s lived in 7 different countries and likes to talk about race, religion and culture. He shares experiences about drugs, police, a tad bit of racism. Also stories about growing up in a crazy big family.

Jomi is a Portuguese, UK based comedian. He’s been wreaking havoc on the London comedy scene since 2021. His style relies mostly on storytelling and observational humour as a means to make sense of his chaotic life.


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