Your 20s are glorious; your 30s are a joy. Your 40s suck, because 40 is when you finally realize all the things you’ve f*cked up so far. Nir Gottleid shares his feelings about turning 40 – and talks about the fun sides of depression, anxiety, cats, hate crimes, dating as a single old man, and the bitterness, rage, and acceptance that can only come with a life exhaustively lived.

An hour of suicide jokes, fun for the whole family. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll want to die.

Nir is an Israeli Berlin-based comic who has performed around the world. He's produced and performed countless shows, including The Berlin Offensive, Schindler's Fist, and his first solo The Revenge of the Jewdi; Nir is widely considered one of the darkest comics in the European continental scene and is melding of dark humour, self-deprecation, and obscene “dad jokes” will leave him in stitches, because you are very likely to stab him after his set.


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