Welcome to the Russian Mafia Family! Maria Fedulova is a Russian refugee forced to leave her country because she's against the war. She was a TV comedian in Russia, up until they started arresting TV comedians and she had to leave in a hurry.

Although Maria is an innocent person, criminalised by an evil regime, her father was not so innocent. In her hour she'll tell the story of her family, integrating as a Russian into English society, her struggles with identity, national shame, and find humour in her father’s low-status mafioso lifestyle.

Russian. Mafia. Family. is a stand-up comedy show about Maria's life growing up in Russia and moving to London after the war in Ukraine broke out, marrying a London comedian and trying to live her life in the UK as a refugee.

Finalist - Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year
3rd place - New Forest New Comedian of the Year

“A great, darkly funny tale to tell” - Chortle
“Striking origin story” - Beyond the Joke


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