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“Very dark, very funny clown” (Metro)
“What a great act.” (Nina Conte)
“The hit of the night” (Chortle.co.uk)

'The Man of a 1000 Farces' is the touring show from that award-winning international man of misery, Johnny MacAulay. It is a one-hour psychedelic mind flip of magic, character sketches, puppetry, sideshow and quick-change mayhem.

MacAulay started performing with 'Cirque Archaos' in 1990, and followed with 'La fura del Baus', 'Mutoid Waste' and has continued touring and gigging internationally, (USA, China, Singapore, Qatar, Europe, Morocco), eleven months of the year.

"This was a stand-out show at the recent London Clown Festival. It's rare these days to see a clown show that draws on so much skill. Johnny MacAulay puts his street performing knowledge to good use in a tightly scripted piece of entertainment. Such a joy to suddenly find oneself watching and loving some old-fashioned shadow puppetry, which the audience was lured into by the clever set-up of a Nosferatu parody. It's just this kind of intelligent dramaturgy that sets this show apart from the trend in clown performance which often relies too much on chance. " ★★★★★ (Jon Davison) (He hasn't studied with Gaulier.)


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