Do you sometimes feel you were born in the wrong era?

Do you like sitting in a chair watching people pretending to be other people?

Are you a fan of the 2007 PlayStation 2 game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock?

Do you enjoy lights and/or sounds, some- times at the same time?

Are you in favour of thinly veiled commentary on music streaming services?

Do you have an average-to-bad understanding of Artificial Intelligence?

Do you have an average-to-bad understanding of what genetics actually involves?

Can you tolerate bad accents? How about a litany of them?

Are you partial to a tangent?

Do you hate people with below-average-sized hands?

Do you like plots that build to some sort of conclusion, whether satisfactory or otherwise?

Would you be comfortable persuading yourself that a rubber band ball is an important artefact?

Do you like it when a vague moral direction is laid out early on, only to be callously avoided for a large amount of the show, and then almost accidentally reintroduced during the finale?

Are you stupid? Like, actually thick?

If your answer to LITERALLY ALL of the above is ‘yes’, then this is very much the show for you.

If not, you can F***ING SWIVEL.

"The sort of show that makes you excited about the Fringe again. 5 STARS." (Broadway Baby)


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