The hottest, fiercest cabaret in Brighton! An all-Australian, all-female cast of superstars unites for an electrifying night of entertainment.

Hosted by the iconic Memphis Mae, an Australian Burlesque Hall of Famer. Her hilarious antics and unique hosting style will keep you giggling and enthralled until the end of the show.

Featuring the incredible Jessica Robbins, lead of the international sensation Matador, a dancer and aerialist whose abilities in the air will leave you breathless.

The original Miss Lyra and one of Australia's most decorated aerial artists, Shaunah Johnson, makes her UK debut. Highly sought after in the circus scene for her elite-level skills and stage presence.

Brighton's favourite hula hooper, Chelsea Angell, graces the stage once more! Known for her awesome acts across the years in Circus'cision. Her highly musical style and brilliant choreography will leave you in awe.

Intricate Cyr wheel by Sophie Bohlsen and aerial acrobatics from Rindi Harrandine and much, much more!

Gather your friends for the fiercest and finest femme cabaret in all of Brighton!


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