Love stories are as old as time, especially ones of star-crossed lovers.
Lala and Sosa are some-such lovers (just like Romeo and Juliette), but that was way back when... before Sosa became a ‘nagging adulteress ‘and Lala a ‘rotund simpleton’.

But joking aside, they deserve to be celebrated for their devotion to each other.
Long, long ago, they fell in love, dreamt of each other, courted each other, and sneaked out to clandestine meetings.
But unlike those other ill-fated star-crossed lovers, Lala and Sosa’s story has a few extra twists and turns and a happy ending!

Set against the backdrop of Kikinda, and saturated in the rich cultural heritage of the Banat region with its abundance of folklore and traditional music, Lala’s story is brought to life by a single red-nose clown who will tickle your heartstrings in the great tradition of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Grock.

Part of the International Clown and Mask Festival: With the support of the Diplomatic Representation of the Government of Flanders (Embassy of Belgium) in the UK.

Written by Lee Delong & Stefan Ostojić | With Stefan Ostojić | Directed by Lee Delong


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