Ever stopped to get to know the objects around you?

If the guitar being played by a boy at a party could speak, what would she say? Is a paper straw as annoying as you’d think? What would a wine bottle confess? In her work-in-progress debut solo show, award-winning character comedian Kathy Maniura uses friendly absurdity to send up the oddities of a few of her favourite things - and a lot of her least favourite. Expect heartfelt confessions, attempted accents and a smattering of original music in an hour of silliness that might make you look at the world a little differently.

"Flawlessly performed and wittily and inventively scripted" (Chortle)
"Standout performer... Enigmatic" (The Scotsman)

Winner Sketch Off 2020
Finalist So You Think You're Funny? 2021
Funny Women 'One To Watch' 2020


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