The canal draws people to it... and so it was for Rob.

One night, as he contemplates his life and the lure of the water, a handsome young man engages him in conversation, and so begins a strange and haunting relationship that could just prove beneficial to them both.

JUMP is a dark comedy that takes an unusual look at contemporary gay life – exploring the possibility of relationships and the way they’re not always how we imagine them.

Developed through Qweerdog's new writing project, Qweer Shorts, JUMP is written by award-winning writer, Nick Maynard (QUARANTEEN, V International Young Theatre Play Writing Contest), and directed by West End theatre director, Scott Le Crass (ROSE, starring Maureen Lipman, Hope Mill Theatre & Ambassadors Theatre, London; TOXIC, HOME, Manchester 2023).

Qweerdog’s Stewart Dylan-Campbell plays the weary and embittered Rob, whilst Aiden Kane plays his young, chopsy, adversary, Marc. 

Join us as we explore the lives, love-lives and past lives of these two lost souls.


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