As his career collapses to an early end, a musician finds solace in Bach – but does this lead to obsession or madness?

Music was his career, Bach was his passion. Ageing violinist Alan Gottlieb has long been content to sit at the back desk of the seconds, coasting his way to retirement. But when an appraisal finds him wanting, he risks losing the one thing that gave his life meaning.

Shunned by colleagues, management and friends, and facing the inevitable sack, he seeks out his old teacher. When she cannot give him the belief he needs, he has to face up to his feeling of inadequacy. He reaches for inspiration from Bach, but when Bach reaches back to him and his desk partner is not who she seems to be, everything appears to be lost.

A dark psychological drama from Two Foolish Productions explores what happens when the world thinks that we are no longer relevant, played out to the sublime music of Bach’s B Minor Mass.


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