Two Agatha Christie fanatics meet on the Orient Express and are forced to share a table together, leading to difficult conversations.

Traditional Caroline and frustrated Edward are both headed to Istanbul. After they initially bond over their love of Dame Agatha Christie, they continue to find out more about each other. Throughout their journey, they discuss Hercule Poirot’s fabulous moustache, debate pronoun etiquette, and explore situations which force LGBTQ+ people to go back into 'the closet!' Eventually, their suppressions are challenged, leading to the disclosure of secrets and a heart-breaking revelation.
Strap yourself in for a journey on the Orient Express, where there’s mystery, ‘murder’ and homophobia!

This comical mystery drama will help you to understand some of the more important issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. So, if you’re looking to be enlightened or wish to find something that you can relate to, then pack your bags, stub your ticket and step onboard.


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