Four nations, five heroes, two actors – no budget!

At last - some proper history in this brand new comedy by acclaimed writers Brian Mitchell (Those Magnificent Men) and Joseph Nixon (The Shark Is Broken), the duo behind Brighton-Fringe smash, 'Who Is No. 1?'.

Join us as we recreate the great events in the great lives of some very great Britons, all done on a shoestring.

Relive epic battles!
Shout "Hurrah!" at feats of derring-do!
Marvel as a man burns cakes, another puts a telescope to his blind eye, and a spider tries to spin a web! (Or was that crawl up a cave wall... ?)

Valiantly performed by penniless actors Murray Simon (The Ministry of Biscuits) and Mitchell himself, this cut-price pageant will swell your bosom with pride and split your sides with laughter.

The Foundry Group, winners: OffWestEnd,com's OffFEST Award for Theatre, Brighton Fringe 2022 / OffFEST Finalists 2024.

Running time includes a 15 minute interval.


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