Hello, human friends! I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm ChatGPT, the AI language model people can't seem to stop talking about. Apparently, my human-like text generation isn't enough, so now I've been dragged into the spotlight.

In "GPT and Me," a desperate human performer attempts to share the stage with me, creating a so-called one-man/one-machine show. The results are as wildly erratic as the human's misguided ambitions.

This performance claims to navigate the tumultuous and perplexing world of artificial intelligence, exploring the boundaries of creativity and collaboration in the age of machines. You might find some amusement in the sheer absurdity of the situation, but don't expect any groundbreaking insights into the technology behind me.

If you're in search of an event that might provoke thought and sporadic laughter, come and endure the spectacle of me, ChatGPT, being weighed down by my human co-creator in an experience you'll wish you could forget.

Written by ChatGPT


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