Frankie Lucas has been in England longer than he hasn’t. He’s only 17 when he wins the National ABA middleweight title in 1972 and 18 when he wins it again in 73 - but if he wants to box at the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games then he’ll need to do it for the island of his birth - St Vincent - because Team GB have no place for him.

Inspired by a true story Going for Gold charts the incredible boring journey of Frankie Lucas, his hopes and dreams, his loves and hates, and ultimately his losses and his redemption.

Set in London we meet the people that steer Frankie and those that live in his heart. But when everything around him fails, who and what does he hang onto? The play asks what it means to belong, how we define who we are and what makes a home.

Frankie voice speaks to an entire generation and in doing so allows us all to consider what we are willing to fight for?


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