Wacky, wonderful and weird, FRYDAYS is an absurd musical comedy about family, fears and fish and chips.

"Grief hits us in different ways. Some act out, some wail and shout, others retreat to their safe place with kazoos and saxophones. Such is the case for twins Chris and Chriss whose reaction to the death of their chippy-owning father is to lock themselves away in the freezer, safe from the outside world. Their only solace comes from the stories they tell each other as they let their imaginations run riot with a musical accompaniment to boot. Frydays is one of those tales and turns out to be magically absurd and really quite fantastic.' (There Ought To Be Clowns, 2022).

Louis Turner and Madeline Hatt write and star in this high octane two hander as Chris and Chriss as well as the array of madcap characters they meet along their surreal imaginary journey.
With a seemingly endless supply of musical instruments and always with a song to help things along, FRYDAYS will have your bodies bopping and the laughs never stopping.


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