If show has sold out, please go to www.brightonspiegeltent.com where you can buy the next release of tickets!

Space Fever 5 May

Ground control to Major Tom. Get ready for Space - the final frontier - and the first of two Fever nights at the famous SPIEGELTENT.
It’s one small dance step for man and one giant evening of soul for man and womankind.
So dig out your helmets and dust down your most intergalactic outfit and join us at the Space Tent for an evening of gravity-defying beats and supernova soul.
Remember. In space, no one can hear you scream. So let’s get the Festival off to a flying start and make some noise!

Gold Fever 3 June

Gold. Always believe in your soul! And where else to strike it lucky than at the famous SPIEGELTENT, where Fever Club are bringing a touch of gold to their famous salon of soul night. So unlock those 18-carat garments from your treasure trove and prepare to shine. It’s the last big night of the Festival, so let’s make it golden! Tickets are limited, so book now to avoid the gold rush.


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