An exhibition to celebrate Brighton’s bond with Bhopal, illuminating the appalling, inspiring story of the world’s worst industrial disaster, the 1984 Union Carbide gas tragedy.

In Bhopal, India a cloud of lethal gas poured without warning from a Union Carbide pesticides factory, leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands maimed. In the decades since dumped chemicals have sunk into the earth, poisoning the water of thousands more.

For 40 years cast into a toxic wilderness, some of the poorest people on earth, sick, living on the edge of hunger, without funds, wealthy friends or influence, have been fighting for their lives against one of America’s richest corporations.

The Bhopal survivors appealed for friends and found they were not alone. They opened free, award-winning clinics to bring healing to thousands whose lives were hell, practising kindness and compassion, and discovering the secret of the most powerful medicine of all. This is a story told through their eyes.


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