Newhaven's exciting new theatre company 'Ignite' presents Ella Hickson’s ‘Eight’; a series of eight monologues with tragic and comical insight into prostitution, suicide, adultery, necrophilia, addiction, poverty, lust, and youth. Each character from different walks of life explains how their own story encounters the pervasive apathy of modernity.

Ella Hickson’s play interprets the present generation; living in a consumerist world of plenty and a shared loss of enthusiasm and belief. Debuting in Edinburgh in 2008 amidst the financial crash, the loss of identity remains a powerful message for today as we remain in crisis. The bleakness of ‘Eight’ illuminates that the current cycle we are in is comparable to the “lost generation” of 1920’s. They experienced disillusionment after the war and, after the pandemic and ongoing wars, we too share an uncertainty about the future.

This production is a spotlight on how a world in distress impacts the human psyche no matter the time or culture.


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