My name is Ruby Carr and I am a sucker for a bargain. Deep dive into the weird wonderful world of eBay with me. I’m obsessed with the thrill of an auction, it’s like shopping, but with a winner. I will show you her favourite hidden worlds and the weird subcultures of eBay.
It’s a car boot sale but for every village crazy. I have found a treasure trove of people not just selling items but a little piece of their life.

I have bought it all. Is this because I am a sucker for a good story, or is it my obsessive-compulsive disorder combined with my hyperfocus fixation of my ADHD? You decide! I’ll walk you down the rabbit hole I have found myself in, seeking validation for each progressively more insane purchase.
"Ruby brings an infectious energy and steady stream of animated stories... injected with a deluge of sharp-witted reflections" (The Student)

Winner of Funny Women Comedy Writing Award 2022
“One to Watch” Funny Women Stage Award 2021
Finalist Amused Moose New Act of the Year 2019


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