Part stand-up, part autobiographical theatre, Dead Inside takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the hilarious topics of cancer, suicide and whether it's possible to overdose on potatoes.

Guaranteed to be less terrifying than that sounds, this is one woman’s experience of reluctantly joining the breast cancer community. The things that made her laugh, cry and say what the actual duck-billed platypus? And she’ll share how she thinks we can help people who are dealing with a diagnosis, or just struggling to survive.

Don’t be afraid!

Join Jane Japes to find out if you’re:
(A) Dead Inside
(B) Loving Life
(C) A Grumpy Zombie
(D) Meredith Brooks
(E) The kind of person who Googles Meredith Brooks to see if this makes sense

This list has lost its way.

Join Jane Japes as she finds the point: not to the list, to more than that.

Serious Note: Not recommended for anyone newly diagnosed with cancer.


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