The world is dying. With no way out, humanity will die with it. However, the greatest minds on Earth may have discovered a possible solution: portals to different worlds.
Dan Harding, Dolores Stryke, and Nick Wilson have been tasked with evaluating these new worlds. All they have to do is find one perfect for all of humanity...
With tensions running high between the team members, they must overcome their personal conflicts in order to succeed in their mission. As they journey through portal after portal, they are faced with the devastating effects of humanity's sins, such as environmental ruin, nuclear devastation and stand-up comedy.
With options and time running out, the pressure is mounting, along with a question that no one dares voice... Does humanity deserve a second chance?

From the company who’s last show was described as “an experience unlike any other”, All Day Breakfast Co. promises to deliver more of the same with their thought-provoking and suspenseful new show, "Days are Really Long but Years go so Quick".


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