Government special adviser Elliot has a problem: his two girlfriends are giving birth on the same day in the same hospital. To keep his infidelities a secret, he needs the reluctant support of overworked midwife, Liz, but things are much more complicated than even Elliot can imagine.

Fast-paced, farcical and hilariously funny, with every line rapped, Dawn Again is a unique theatrical experience.

It was written by Claudio Elliston, aka Cloudy Clouds, a rapper who was inspired to create a hip-hopera for the stage after the success of his short rap opera for the screen, Uber Pool.

A finalist in the 2022 LET (Les Enfants Terribles) Awards for “exceptional, emerging artists”, Dawn Again is directed by Claudio’s sister, Rafaela Elliston.

Actor and theatre-maker Rafaela explains: “My job is to take Claudio’s witty lyrics and zany ideas and to use clever set design, creative choreography and the audience’s imagination to put together a mixed-up, modern-day farce for fringe theatre.”


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