A show about identity
Becky is an award winning performer and stand up who has developed shows for performances Europe wide.

Becky could be described as bisexual, brown, non binary, non neuro typical and all sorts of trendy buzz words. But she’s also a punk, so having all the things that once made her different now making her fashionable is a struggle for her to process, so she might talk about being English instead. Just to be maintain her outsider credentials.

A fresh and funny take on what makes us people by a person. Using her experience as a person and a comic writer performer, Becky Fury will try to shine a little light onto the most fascinating subject in the whole world! Ourselves!!

I’m brown, bisexual, non binary but quite frankly who gives a fvck.
Maybe I’ll just properly embrace my outsider status and talk about being English instead. Or maybe I’ll just talk about something we can all relate to. Being a cvnt

“Finest sticks of comedy dynamite to be founded for love or a suggested donation” (ScotsGay).

Warning this show may contain ideas!


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