Millage brings his second, and possibly final show to the Brighton Fringe. 'Final?' You ask in horror. 'Yes,' Cobin replies, 'I might get deported.' 'Wow,' you whisper, 'That sucks. Is the show about getting deported?'. 'It isn't.' Cobin says, while doing finger guns. 'Is it about Pablo Picasso?' you query. 'Also no!' shouts Cobin as he slams his empty pint onto a fragile glass coffee table. 'You're a bit of a rogue, huh?' you ask, while blushing. Cobin smiles; 'Again, no.'

A favourite on the Scottish circuit, Cobin Millage brings his offbeat humour to Brighton to discuss neither Pablo Picasso, nor his imminent deportation. Other topics come up, Just definitely not those two.

'Hilarious, effortlessly engaging' - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (★★★★)
"Wild and funny in equal measure." - Larry Dean
"It's tough to follow an act doing ancient Greek mythology stuff." - Danny Bhoy
"Unpredictable punchlines and stories, and by far one of the most creative acts going." - Hootenannies Comedy Club


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