Chelsea Birkby follows up on her award-winning debut (best debut show Amused Moose, nominated for best show comedians choice awards) with this work-in-progress. Is it about an awakening, clown school and her Mum, or is it about YOUR MUM? Expect: one liners, heart, pop culture, and maybe even sincerity?

Praise for Chelsea Birkby
Best jokes of the fringe 2022 The Times & The Telegragh
“A hugely promising and already accomplished stand-up, surely destined for
greater things.” ★★★★ (The Scotsman)

Chelsea Birkby is a multi-competition finalist (So
You Think You’re Funny, Leicester Square New Comedian, Bath New Act 3rd Place, New Online Comedian 2nd Place), as seen on BBCThree and has written for many seasons of Mock The Week.
“Packed with gags at a great hit rate, even in the more serious moments from a performer who is surely destined for the top.” ★★★★ (The Sunday Post)


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