Lisa the Librarian works at a library.
She is in love. With Larry.
She cannot stand her childhood friend Laura, and her colleague Laura – in fact any Laura.
She can predict the future, especially if it’s something disastrous.
She really likes men.
She wants things, she chases things, and she always feels like she’s running out of time.
And now she has to work overtime.

So instead of working, she decides to reflect on her life so far. Memories combine with shadows from dark corners as we are taken on a strange, sometimes absurd journey as Lisa talks about the things she chases and the things that chase (HAUNT) her. This is a funny and at times gently sad show about love, death, and coming to terms with things we just can’t have. And a tiny bit about hope.

A mix of physical comedy, tragedy, nonsense, and badly made papier-mâché animal things, ‘Chasing Lisa’ takes place during one night of a thirty-something librarian.

Laima Helena Vanaga is a Latvian-born and London-based actress, clown, and theatre-maker.


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