50 minutes of magic and mentalism incorporating newspapers, ropes, playing cards, a spectator who becomes the magician, number predictions (both by Caspar and the audience members) and a feat where the spectator chooses a book, a page, line and a word on that line and Caspar is able to divine that word. No electronics, no stooges, just a lot of skilful magic and mentalism.

The show has been given a 12+ guidance because younger children may get restless in those parts where nothing visual is taking place. There is, however, no nudity, blue humour or adult themes in the show.

"You won't see other magicians do this stuff... because they can't! Caspar's skill is of a standard rarely seen anywhere." (Jerry Sadowitz)
"Stunning sleight of hand from a master of magic." (FringeReview.co.uk)


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