Step into the glittering yet tyrannical world of Crown Cabaret this May with the extended premiere of Call Me Daddy - The Musical!

This dark comedy musical follows the staff of a burlesque cabaret as they try to survive working under the rule of their unhinged, sexist and psychopathic boss Chester Charles.

With hilarious songs, unforgettable characters, and plenty of chaos, Call Me Daddy - The Musical! promises a night of outrageous entertainment.

Written and directed by up-and-coming talent Hannah Etheridge, Call Me Daddy debuted to rave reviews and two full-house performances at Brighton Fringe 2023. Audiences praised the surreal humour and boundary-pushing satire of the workplace musical.

Call Me Daddy will have you spitting feather boas with laughter, as the cabaret staff try to navigate the unruly erratic behaviour of their dark overlord...

(Call Me Daddy is entirely fiction, any resemblance of a character to a real person living or deceased is purely coincidental)


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