B*ST*RDS is a new two-hander musical comedy.

It explores the crazy but very real possibility that Oliver Cromwell - the only man in British history to ban theatre - might have helped to invent musical theatre....

Written by Will Holyhead and Alex James Ellison (FIVER - nominated for Best New Musical at the BroadwayWorld Awards and the West End Wilma Awards and Best Off-West End Production at the WhatsOnStage Awards - ★★★★★ LondonTheatre1)

The year is 1652. Shakespeare’s suspected illegitimate child, playwright and poet William D’Avenant, is locked in the Tower of London. A political prisoner, condemned for the crime of treason for supporting the former royal family. For D’Avenant, release and freedom seem a hopeless dream, until one day he receives an unexpected summons from the most powerful man in the country, who has a problem that only he can fix...

B*ST*RDS is a musical comedy that tracks the relationship between two adversaries as they grapple with the age-old question, how much am I prepared to sacrifice to get what I want?


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