'Ding for Disco' revives 'A Doll’s House' with a noughties teen movie makeover.

Britney’s Peers probes the global conservatorship that is female presenting existence. Watch as the Pavlov Dolls exist under the watchful eye of... everyone?

Prepare to laugh and gasp at 40 minutes of music, dance and silliness, all encapsulating Ding For Disco’s signature personal and honest storytelling. This show probably isn’t for your nan, but we bet she’ll know EXACTLY what we’re talking about.

'Ding For Disco' are a rising graduate female and genderqueer-led theatre company. Their work is completely collaborative and self-devised, priding themselves on their ensemble work in clowning, movement and comedy. Onstage, they take the audience to the extremes of funny and straight-up awkwardness.


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