You are invited to Break Reality, a cabaret night where you step out from the real world and into a dimension where objects come to life and anything is possible! Hosted by Beanpig Puppetry and friends, a collective of queer puppeteers & performers who believe in the life of all things.

The night will bring together surrealist and object-based performers from varying disciplines such as drag, puppetry and clowning.

Come and see the unimaginable wonders of:

Buoys Buoys Buoys
Bean Pig Puppets
Eve Bee
The Mollusc Dimension
Genevieve Cameo
Mandy Sweats (26th)
Lachlan Werner (27th)

Expect folklore, drag, a visit from the realm of Gary the goblin, clowns, bards, music, sacred silliness and serious play.

We will break the boundaries and binaries of real and not real, animate and inanimate, and draw you into the world of your imaginations where anything can come alive if it's made of cardboard and foam! 

Break Reality is back this year with two shows on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th May with new reality breaking works.

Doors open 7pm 

Show 7.30pm until 10.30pm with interval

Puppet autographs & drinks at the bar til 12am


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