Boyz Nite is a new variety night celebrating trans men, trans masc and butch non-binary performers. Are you ready to make some noize for the boyz?

We have comedy. We have drag. We have poetry and we have much, much more.

Our bill is chock full of the best performers in town (and also outside of town), with previous performers including:

Cerys Bradley (Neurodiverse Award Winner 2022), Darren Ely (an award-winning stand-up comedian, improviser and panto villain), Amelia Stubberfield (another award-winning stand-up comedian and writer), Dan Load (aka Beth Watson the multi-talented theatre maker and host of #QueerDiary), TriniDad and TooGayThough (aka Emily Aboud the award-winning drag king and theatre and film director), Aleks Jagielski (poet, scholar and transhistorical connection to the poet Piotr Odmieniec Włast).


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