Indulge in the uproarious spectacle of Booze & Balance: The Intoxicating Extravaganza of Daring Feats!

Join Logy, the bearded Belfast-based circus maestro, for a riotous comedy show that defies convention. Inspired by the question, "Would you buy him a pint?" Logy delivers a dazzling fusion of skillful object manipulation and irreverent humor, seamlessly blending traditional vaudeville with a modern twist.

Prepare to be amazed as Logy navigates a world of daring stunts and mesmerizing tricks, all with the charm and wit of a seasoned performer. From juggling to balance acts, every moment is infused with laughter and astonishment, promising an unforgettable night of entertainment. So, grab your friends, raise a glass, and join us for an evening of booze-fueled fun and uproarious laughter at Booze & Balance!


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