Bloody Medea!!!—an original show created with Spymonkey and directed by Aitor Basauri—is a clowning presentation of the imaginings and experiences of Gaulier trained clown April Small. Embodying a cast of women, from Medea to Vanessa Redgrave, April tackles the injustices faced by women throughout history. This is the serious material with which April will climb to the highest peaks of foolery and crawl through the deepest depths of tragedy. Bloody Medea!!! premieres at Brighton Festival in May 2023.

The OG femme fatal, Euripides’s sorceress-seducer, Jason’s golden goose—and yet, things didn’t quite work out in Medea’s favour. She kills her brother as well as the King. She kills her husband Jason’s new wife and her own children too. Her brother was bait; the new wife, burnt alive. And her children! Burn her at the stake! Silence her! The End ... NO! far from it. The mythification and monstering of women is rife, and here, the modern world starts to seem alarmingly Tragedian. Is Medea a monster, just another jealous, out of control woman, or has she something more to say?

The product of over two years of loving creative development, home-crafting prop work and many a Zoom meeting, Bloody Medea!!! is an act of Janus-faced presence in the moment with just the right amount of ridiculous. Passionately performed for all those who have been shut up and shut out, this debut physical comedy is for anyone who refuses to go down without a fight, or at least a laugh!


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