Bloody Influencers is a one-woman comedy with a dark twist about influencer Daisy Woolworth aka Lucija Antonija Matic, Instagram queen, who goes on a journey to find something real in a world where everything she has is fake; starting with the feelings between her and her fiancé.

"A must see" (Fringe Theatre Reviews)

"Gripping from the start and has a perfect balance of realism and comedy " (Pink Prince Theatre)

"Impossible to resist and there was a real buzz before the play even began." (London Pub Theatre's Magazine)

"Begović brought the script to life with enthusiasm" (A Young(ish) Perspective)

New writing collaborated on between Croatian actress Ena Begovic whose story was turned into a play with the support of British writer Ben Mansbridge and transferred to the stage by Mexican-American director Sofia Zaragoza.


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